20 March 2018

Mr Clement - The Weather Guy

Today we had a visit from Mr Clement, a lecturer at Massey University.  He taught us lots about clouds, the water cycle and how rain happens.  He was very interesting to listen to, and we learnt heaps!
  • I learnt how warm water can become colder as it reaches a higher altitude.  AH
  • I learnt that when the sea water evaporates, the salt crystals don't evaporate with it.  RJ
  • I learnt the names of clouds, and the different types of clouds.  RD
  • I learnt that the higher the altitude, the colder the temperature.  For example, it would be colder at the top of Mount Ruapehu, than in Halcombe.  TO
  • I learnt how clouds are made.  HP
  • I learnt what transpiration is.  BC
  • I learnt that humans actually breathe in water vapour.  MB
  • I learnt there is the same amount of water on Earth, as there was 6 billion years ago.  FW

Wild Weather - Wonderings

We have launched into a new science topic - WEATHER!  We're going to be learning all about the science of weather - how and why does weather 'happen'?  We have listed some of our wonderings, which are things we want to know more about or questions we have.  It looks like we're going to be learning HEAPS over the next few weeks!

Interschool Swimming

A huge congratulations to our swimming team for their awesome performance at the Feilding Interschool Swimming Champs last night.  Our top relay team of Kane, Rebekah, Blake and Finlay came second in the Country Schools Relay.  In the 100m, Rebekah, Kane and Blake all made the finals.  Rebekah and Kane both placed 4th, and Blake placed 7th.  It was fantastic to see all members of our team give 100% and represent our school with pride.  Well done team!

14 March 2018

Interschool Triathlon

Eight students from our class competed in the Manawatu Interschool Triathlon in Palmerston North today.  They had to run 1.5km, bike 4km, and swim 150m.   It was hard work in blustery conditions, and everyone performed really well.  A special congratulations to Jack (2nd) and Lucy (3rd), who achieved outstanding results.

What's Gonna Work? TEAMWORK!

Thank you to all the students who helped out with loads of jobs around the school today!  You worked hard and did a great job.  Thanks kids!

Swimming Sports

Wow, what a morning we had at the Senior Swimming Sports!  Congratulations to all the students for giving 100% in your races.  You should be proud of yourselves.

A special congratulations to Rebekah, who won the Senior Girls Championship, and Jack, who won the Barnett Cup, and the Senior Boys Championship.

Photographer:  Mr Blanchard

08 March 2018

Optical Illusion Art

When we suddenly had an afternoon to fill in due to the postponement of our swimming sports, we smashed out this awesome Optical Illusion Art!  Be warned... don't stare directly at our work unless you want to be hypnotised!  This art looks really effective on the wall in our classroom, so call in sometime and have a look.

EPro 8

We entered two teams in the Feilding EPro 8 Challenge this year.  They had to compete in a range of science and technology challenges, where the focus was on problem solving.  Both teams performed really well and had lots of fun.  A special congratulations to the Halcombe Hawkes team - they won the competition!  Well done Finlay, Milla, Lila and Emily.

05 March 2018

Staff vs Students - Flippaball

This afternoon the staff faced the Year 8 students in flippaball.  We have never had a match quite like this before, and everyone was very excited before the game!  The staff took awhile to warm up, and the students scored two quick points.  Once the staff got going however, they were unstoppable!  It was loads of fun, and an awesome way to finish the day.  Thanks to Mrs Lynch for reffing the match!

Photographer:  Miss Carey

03 March 2018

L4 Swimming

On Friday, we traveled to the Makino Pool to be 'tested' on our swimming skills.  This assessment is all about our technique, and our ability to swim certain distances.  It is not about speed!  At our level, the expectations are pretty high, and we were tested on the following:

  • 100m freestyle
  • 100m backstroke
  • 100m breaststroke
  • 50m sidestroke
  • diving
  • floating on our backs for 3 minutes
  • treading water for 3 minutes
  • swimming 50m in our clothes

It was fantastic to see everyone trying their very best - well done team!  After our assessments, we had a bit of time for some crazy fun in the diving pool...

28 February 2018

Interhouse Flippaball

Today we held the finals of the Interhouse Flippaball.  Teams have been battling it out during lunchtimes over the past week.  There have been some fantastic matches and very close games.  As well as some good healthy competition, it has been awesome to see such wonderful sportsmanship, and house spirit.

The results?  Matai faced Totara in the playoff for 3rd and 4th, with Matai coming out on top.  The final between Kauri and Rimu followed, and it was an intense match right from the start.  Both teams fought hard for the win, but Kauri managed to hold on for victory.  Congratulations Kauri!

Next up?  Interhouse Cricket!

Photographer:  Miss Fleet


Constable Sarah

Today we had a visit from Constable Sarah.  She spoke to us about the importance of being cybersafe, and reminded us of things we can do when we feel unsafe (talk to a trusted adult).  While most of this was not new information for us, we all agreed it was good to have a reminder!

Constable Sarah also met with the bus monitors.  She talked to them about how to act in different situations, and what to do in an emergency.  The information she gave the bus monitors will definitely help them to do their job more effectively.


As usual, the spiders we had at lunchtime today were DELICIOUS!  Well done to Team Totara, who managed to whip up 162 spiders without too much hassle at all!

27 February 2018

Civil Defence Visitor

Today we had a visit from Mr Graham, from the Manawatu District Council.  Mr Graham is the Response Manager for the Civil Defence, and it is his job to coordinate help during a natural disaster.  He talked about the different kinds of disasters we could face, the role of the Civil Defence, and how we can be best prepared to survive when disaster strikes.  We learnt heaps!

1.  earthquake
2.  river flood
3.  tsunami
4.  human pandemic
5.  drought

23 February 2018

Circle Art

We have just finished our next piece of art - Circle Art.  We had to come up with creative and original ideas for the design, and then use bright and vibrant colours to fill in the gaps!  We had to blend some of the colours together too.  Our work looks AWESOME on the wall, so call in sometime and have a look.

Girls Only Football

Thanks to Jess from Central Football, who came along to run some 'girls only' football drills with us today.  It was lots of fun!

Interhouse Flippaball

Today we kicked off our Interhouse Competition for 2018!  It was all go in the swimming pool at lunchtime as each house battled to win their first matches.  As usual, the competition was fierce!  The first round was Rimu vs Totara, followed by Matai vs Kauri.  Well done to Rimu and Kauri for winning your first games.

21 February 2018

Firewise Programme

Today we participated in the Firewise programme.  We learnt all about fire safety, and what to do in an emergency situation.  While we knew a lot already, it was definitely good to freshen up our knowledge.  We watched two videos that had a significant impact on us and we now have a better understanding of how to prevent fires, and what to do if there is a fire.  Thanks to Mr Darling, who taught us a lot about how to be 'firewise'.

20 February 2018

Student Leaders 2018

This year, all our Year 8 students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.  They are all excited about taking turns to organise events and be a part of the team.  We also have two house captains for each house.  Well done to those people who have been selected for this important role.

19 February 2018

16 February 2018

Diving Practice

Watch the video.  Study your diving technique.  Pause the video to take a closer look at what you're doing and when.  Try to improve next time!

Hand Art

We have completed our second piece of art for the year.  We used the art of Romero Britto for inspiration.  Romero is a Brazilian neo-pop artist, known for using vibrant colours and bold patterns as an expression of hope and happiness.  Here is some of our finished work:

15 February 2018

People Are Awesome!

After being inspired by some INCREDIBLE You Tube videos, we decided to make our own 'People Are Awesome' video.  Many of the students in our class performed some cool tricks that we have recorded and put together in a video.  Please enjoy!

Kawhatau Camp

What a fantastic three days we had at the Kawhatau Outdoor Education Centre.  We had all sorts of fun and exciting adventures, and learnt even more about our classmates.  We did a lot of talking and reflections about our personal goals, putting us in a great position to be even more awesomer!  

Thanks to all the parents who helped out with baking, making mac and cheese, providing transport or staying overnight.  We couldn't do trips like this without you!

09 February 2018

Kai Iwi Beach Trip

Wow, what an awesome day we've had at Kai Iwi Beach!  We're pretty lucky to be able to get out and about and enjoy days like this, and we definitely made the most of it today.  We learnt about the environment, built sand castles, explored the beach, had fun with our 'Bounce Machines', spent time with our Buddy Class, and had a swim.  We just wish we could have stayed longer!

07 February 2018

Ball Squishing Challenge

We've been doing a fun challenge each day to help create our class culture, and to develop our team work skills.  Today's challenge involved working with a partner to hold the ball in place by squishing it against our sides.  We tried a few different variations, that made the challenge a little bit harder.  Some people were awesome, others need more practice...

02 February 2018

Fun Day Friday

We've been working really hard in our daily swimming sessions this week, swimming around 40-50 lengths each day.  After all this hard work, we were all looking forward to Fun Day Friday, a special tradition in Room 6.

First we practiced our diving... and we'll need a lot more practice!

Next we made Human Towers!  Well done to the two groups who were successful.

We also tried to stand up with a partner on the floaty mat thingee!

Buddy Class

It was wonderful to meet up with our Buddy Class, Room 2, for a swim this afternoon.  We had piggy back races, made a massive whirlpool, and helped our little buddies practice their swimming.  We are looking forward to having lots more fun with our Buddy Class as the year goes on.

01 February 2018

Week 1 - DONE!

Made with Padlet

Team Challenge - Cup Pyramids

The challenge?  Work with a team to construct a pyramid out of plastic cups.  We had to use a special rubber band/string device to move the cups, and weren't allowed to touch them with our hands.  Most groups developed a great strategy quickly and were able to ace this activity.  Great work Room 6!

Self Portraits

Our work is finished and framed and ready to go on the wall!  This art was inspired by an artist called James Rizzi.  He was an American pop artist, known for using vibrant colours, and playful, zany imagery.  We're pretty proud of our first piece of art for 2018!

31 January 2018

Art: Self Portraits

We've been working hard on creating our first piece of art for 2018!  We look forward to showing you the finished product...

30 January 2018

Surviving The Heat

To finish off our day, we played a game called 'Pass The Water'.  The person at the front of the line has a container full of water, and they have to pass the water over their head to the next person.  The winning team is the team with the most water after it has passed along the line.  One or two people got a wee bit wet, but they weren't too worried about this at all!

29 January 2018

Day 1

We've had a great first day back at school after our summer holidays!  Here are some of the things we did today:

  • organised all our books and stationery
  • reviewed our emergency procedures
  • swimming
  • assembly
  • started reading our shared novel - 'Mr Tucket' by Gary Paulsen
  • visited the library
  • lunchtime swim
  • organised a lot of notices and paperwork
  • art

We are very grateful to have air-con (now that we've figured out how to work it).  It was a very hot day!  And of course, we HAD to take a few photos - Room 6 styles!

Watch this video to learn how to do sidestroke: