25 May 2017

'Fog Bow'

This morning a 'fog bow' formed in the sky above our school.  A fog bow (or white or ghost rainbow) is caused by small droplets of moisture in fog, together with bright sunshine. Jack and William found out all about fog bows and shared this information with the other students at our school (with the helpful photo holders, Jessie and Gussie). Unfortunately, there was no pot of gold at the end of the fog bow....

Buddy Class!

21 May 2017

Wheels Day Videos!

Mu Torere Competition

While we were visiting Taumata O Te Ra recently, we learnt to play a traditional Maori game called Mu Torere.  It's a game of strategy (though no one could work it out), concentration and luck.  Over the past week, we've had an elimination-style tournament in Room 6.  

The Semi-Finals:  Olivia vs Ben and Tommy vs Emma

The Final:  Tommy vs Ben

The Winner:  Tommy

18 May 2017

Koru Art Number 2

We have just finished another piece of art related to our learning about Tikanga Maori.  This time we had to design our own koru patterns, and then used pastel to colour our work.  Well done to those people who came up with original designs!

Wheels Day & Spider Day

What an awesome day we had yesterday, with Wheels Day AND Spider Day.  The wheeling was wet and muddy and fun, and we all enjoyed watching all the amazing tricks that some kids can do.  The spiders were delicious too - all 133 of them!  Congratulations to the Student Council - you did a fantastic job of organising the day - great work team!  

16 May 2017

Wheels Day Preparation

After a bit of repair work by Ben and Fergus, we are pleased to report we will have three perfect jumps ready for Wheels Day tomorrow.  Great work boys!

15 May 2017

National Young Leaders Day

Alyssa, Gussie, Willow and Olivia had an awesome day at the National Young Leaders Day in Palmerston North today.  There were many inspiring speakers and some wonderful entertainment.  Come along to assembly on Friday to hear more about their day!

10 May 2017

Manawatu District Council Submission

Four of our students; Alyssa, Emma, Blake and Jack presented a submission to the Manawatu District Council today.  They talked about the intersection outside school, and how it needs an upgrade to make it safer and provide more car parks.  While talking to the Councilors was a bit daunting, they did REALLY well.  Great work team!

Civil Defence Radio Check

If there is a disaster in our area, our school is the Civil Defence centre.  This means people would come to the school for help.  If this happens, it will be important for us to have a working radio system to communicate.  Every Wednesday, Hamish and Fergus have to test the system by communicating with the Manawatu branch of Civil Defence.  Here they are in action today:

09 May 2017

Taumata O Te Ra

What an awesome trip we have had to one of our local marae, Taumata O Te Ra!  A huge thank you to our hosts, the Kereama whanau, for teaching us so many things, helping us to understand tikanga Maori, and for providing the best morning tea ever!  We've all learnt a lot, and had a fantastic morning. Thank you very much to the parents who came along to support us today too.








Made with Padlet

Water Colour Koru Art

We have been painting with water colours!  This was new for lots of us, so we just had a nice simple koru pattern to paint.  Check out these cool examples:

04 May 2017

Te Reo Kori - Poi

Today we had a turn at poi.  Some people picked up where they left off last year, and were awesome.  For others, it was the first time they had done poi - and it's hard!  Great work team.


We've been exploring two new apps - 'Brushes' and 'Explain Everything'.  Some students worked in partners to create these cool little animations about some Maori legends they had read.  Not bad for a first attempt at using these programmes!  We know we have mispronounced some of the Maori words, but we gave it a good shot.

02 May 2017

Buddy Class

We are preparing a special rakau performance for assembly on Friday.  Today we had our first practice with our buddy class.  We're going to need a bit/lot more practice, but it's looking pretty good so far!

13 April 2017

Crazy Day!

Wow!  The students in Room 6 certainly looked VERY crazy today!  Everyone had put a lot of thought and effort into their costumes and there were some really original and funny and clever and of course, crazy outfits.  What an awesome way to end the term!

Well done to the Student Council for successfully cooking 175 sausages for lunch today!

Buddy Class

Our buddies in Room 2 shared their writing with us today!

12 April 2017

Marble Rolling Tech Challenge

Today we worked in groups to compete in the Marble Rolling Challenge of 2017!  Using newspaper, straws, cardboard and sellotape, we had to make a ramp.  The team who could roll the marble the furthest would be the champions!  Almost all the teams were able to make a successful ramp, and the marble rolled well for all groups.  Well done to Holly, Fergus and Emma - the champs!

10 April 2017

Feilding Interschool Athletics

Some of the students from our class competed in the Feilding Interschool Athletics Champs today. They were awesome!  Congratulations to the whole team, and especially those who achieved Top 3 placings.  Check out the photos:

07 April 2017

Athletics Sports

Congratulations Room 6!  You should all be proud of how you performed in your sprint races today. We know it was hard work running in slippery conditions, but you all gave 100%.  Well done to Kauri, who won both the junior and senior relays, and to Tommy and Olivia - our 2017 athletics champs.

06 April 2017

Parent Blog Comments

Thank you to all those parents who have commented on our blog recently.  We very much appreciate your support!

Maths - 'A Budgeting Challenge'

We did something a little different in maths today.  Working in groups, we had to plan an imaginary trip to Australia.  We had a budget to work with, and had to plan transport, accommodation and activities - with money left over for food!  Thanks for organising this fun maths lesson Mrs Simpson!

04 April 2017

Insect Senses

Today it was time to find out all about the sense of sight, hearing, smell and taste that insects have. We worked with a partner to research and organise our information, before using Coggle to present everything we found out.  We learnt a lot!  They are a bit hard to read, but you can get an idea of what our finished work looks like:

03 April 2017

Six Word Stories

Some of the students in our class had a bash at writing Six Word Stories today.  The instructions for this are pretty simple - write a story in six words!  It's actually a bit harder than it sounds. Check out their cool writing:

“No!  It’s mine!”  “Give it BACK!”  (Jessie)
“Jeremy, help!  I’m going to fall off!”  (Hamish)
“I am the king of poop!”  (Joshua)
“Dinner’s ready, come and get it!”  (Shelby)
Intense battle between two bug friends.  (Mārie)
“Get your grubby mits off me!”  (Emma)
“No!  This is my waste sphere!”  (Cameron)
Two beetles fight to the death.  (Gussie)
“Hey, get your scruffy hands off!”  (Alyssa)

Hide and seek champion of 2017!  (Shelby)
When there is nowhere to hide…  (Brooklyn)
Ultimate player of hide and seek.  (Hannah)
“I bet you can’t find me!”  (Jack)
Hide and seek game gets extreme.  (Jessie)
“Quick!  Hide!  I’m afraid of cameras!”  (Hamish)
“Nobody will ever find me here…”  (Emma)
“I’ve got my eyes on you!”  (Alyssa)

“Come on, I can do this!”  (Gussie)
“Why am I a microscopic organism?”  (Cameron)
“Some help would have been nice!”  (Emma)
“This bubble is WAY too big!”  (Joshua)
“Luckily I’ve been working out lately.”  (Hamish)
“Hey guys, I got the water.”  (Brooklyn)
“If this pops, I’m a gonna!”  (Shelby)

“These glasses were worth the money.”  (Shelby)
“These glasses look awesome on me!”  (Jessie)
“Help!  I can’t see any more!”  (Brooklyn)
Stripy sunglasses are the new thing!  (Hannah)
“Wow… I have really big eyes.”  (Hamish)
“This is such a good movie!”  (Gussie)
“Excuse me!  I’m having lunch here!”  (Cameron)

“Your time is over Mr Ant!”  (Shelby)
“I am a ninja.  Fight me!”  (Brooklyn)
“I’m a black belt in judo.”  (Hannah)
Praying mantis is ready for battle.  (Jessie)
“Yeah!  I’m a kung fu expert!”  (Hamish)
“Kick. Punch. Repeat.  That’s my style!”  (Holly)
“I am the new Michael Jackson!”  (Joshua)
“Don’t move!  I’m ready to attack!”  (Alyssa)
“Beware!  I am trained in karate.”  (Emma)
“No one shall stop me now!”  (Cameron)

“Oh no, what has happened now?”  (Mārie)
“Now where did I put it?”  (Cameron)
“Come on little brain, wake up!”  (Emma)
“Where did these things come from?”  (Joshua)
“Guys…. what is going on here?”  (Gussie)
“Hey, is this how you salute?”  (Hamish)
Only 1000 more flowers to go.  (Jessie)
“My head is a little itchy.”  (Jack)
‘Where did I put my glasses?”  (Hannah)
“What did I have for dinner?”  (Shelby)

The Annual Grub Inverted Leaf Walk!  (Cameron)
“We are having a handstand competition!”  (Hannah)
“Look guys, a party over there!”  (Brooklyn)
“That’s it ladies, all together now!”  (Alyssa)
‘Come on guys, let’s get moving!”  (Emma)
“We should go to Insect Olympics!”  (Holly)
“This is a great dance routine!”  (Gussie)
When you’re trying to scare birds.  (Hamish)
Six caterpillars play ‘follow the leader.’  (Jessie)
“Is this how you do handstands?”  (Jack)

“I’m not that ugly am I?  (Shelby)
“I ran into a thistle bush!”  (Brooklyn)
“I like to move it, yeah!”  (Jack)
“This is my ‘extra surprised’ face!”  (Holly)
Staring contest!  3… 2… 1… Go!  (Cameron)
Bug gets caught in rosebush.  (Gussie)

Dance like you never have before!  (Shelby)
“Look at my great yoga pose!”  (Hannah)
“I am very good at the caterpillar.”  (Jack)
Squishy caterpillar is dancing on leaves.  (Jessie)
“I’m a U, what about you?”  (Hamish)
“I can bend all the way!”  (Gussie)
“What’s my butt doing up there?”  (Holly)
“I’m very good at handstands.  See?”  (Joshua)
“Come on everybody, do the worm!”  (Emma)
“Should I sign up for gymnastics?”  (Alyssa)
When an invertebrate does the worm… (Cameron)
Caterpiller attempts chinstand.  Breaks back instead.  (Marie)

“Yes, yes, I concur, but still…”  (Cameron)
“Hey man, what’s all the goss?”  (Alyssa)
“Oh my god, are you serious?!”  (Emma)
Bugs fighting over who lives longer.  (Joshua)
“What planet did we come from?”  (Holly)
“Wow, did she really say that?”  (Gussie)
“Psst.”  “What?”  “They’re taking a photo!”  (Jessie)
“Hey, does my breath smell bad?”  (Hannah)

This ant loves a bubble bath.  (Shelby)
“Never going to a water-fight again!”  (Brooklyn)
“I am feeling extra bubbly today.”  (Jade)
“Wahoo!  So many bubbles to pop!”  (Alyssa)
“I am now camouflaged in water.”  (Jack)
“Wow!  This rain is so wet!”  (Hamish)
First bug ever to get acne.  (Gussie)
“I got my wish.  Bath time!”  (Holly)