23 June 2017

Disco Time!

Black Day!

10/10 for awesomeness on Black Day Room 6!  Go All Blacks!

21 June 2017

Staff vs Year 8 Students - Patter Tennis

It was a close match, but the staff just managed to beat the Year 8 students in patter tennis today!

Large Ball Skills: Football

As part of our Large Ball Skills rotation, we had football with Miss Fleet today.  We did some fun skills and drills before getting stuck into a game.  Thanks Miss Fleet!

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Buddy Class

It has been ages since our last Buddy Class, so it was awesome to catch up with Room 2 earlier this week.  First we shared some of our recent learning; Room 2 shared their models to show why we have night and day, and we shared our expositions.  After that, we had time to have some races through the fitness trail.

19 June 2017

Football Training

We are very lucky to have Debby from Central Football visiting our school to run some football training sessions.  We had our first bash today, and it was HEAPS of fun!  She taught us about how to position your body when you are dribbling the ball.  We are looking forward to our next session already.

Warming Up - Bib Tag

Dribbling Practice

Running The Gauntlet

17 June 2017

Catapult Challenge

As part of our learning about Medieval Europe, we learnt that catapults were used to attack 'enemy' castles.  They had a devastating effect on castle walls, and all kinds of lethal objects were launched from the catapults.  We thought it would be fun to build our own miniature catapults, though ours were not quite so deadly as those used 1500 years ago!  We had a competition to see who could fire objects (plastic beans) as far and as high as possible.  Well done to Ben and Jack - the catapult champs!

Interhouse Patter Tennis

A huge congratulations to Rimu - the Interhouse Patter Tennis champions for 2017.  Well done!  The final results were:

1st - Rimu
2nd - Matai
3rd - Totara
4th - Kauri

15 June 2017

Fort Competition

The boys have had a competition this week - to see who could build the biggest, baddest, bestest fort on the construction playground.  The Year 7 boys built their fort first, followed by the Year 8 boys.  Which fort is the best? You be the judge!

14 June 2017

Large Ball Skills: Netball

This week it was time to sharpen up our netball skills!  Lots of students in Room 6 have made goals around improving their netball skills, so hopefully everyone learnt something.  It sure was entertaining watching everyone trying to learn how to play... especially the boys!  Thanks to Miss Main and Miss Jeynes - our teachers!

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10 June 2017

Interhouse Patter Tennis

Many of our senior students have been battling it out in the annual Interhouse Patter Tennis competition recently.  There have been some incredible skills on display, and rallies that have last for 20 hits or more.  Next week Totara will face Kauri in the playoff for 3rd and 4th, and Rimu will face Matai in the final.  Good luck to all teams!

Here are some of the Room 6 students in action:

07 June 2017

Large Ball Skills: Rippa Rugby

We started our Senior Team Winter Sport rotation today.  Our first sport was rippa rugby.  First we warmed up with lots of skills and drills, then we launched into a game.  The field was pretty wet and slippery, so it was a bit of a challenge to play the game without sliding all over the place.  It was lots of fun though!

Warming Up:

Game Time:

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06 June 2017

Basketball With Miles

We have started learning basketball as part of our Large Ball Skills unit in PE.  Miles from the Palmerston North Basketball Association will be teaching us lots of new skills and drills to help us improve our ball skills, and knowledge of basketball.  Our first session today was loads of fun!


Today we started a new unit in maths - MEASUREMENT!  One of our first activities was to find out if a whole bunch of statements were true or false.  There were some very interesting results!  Check it out:

01 June 2017

The Red Ravens Medieval Group

We had some pretty interesting visitors to our class today - Sef, Johnno and Julian from the Red Ravens Medieval Group!  They are passionate about medieval times, and know a LOT about this time in history.  They shared some of this knowledge with us, and then showed us their cool armour, shields and weapons.  They demonstrated what a real battle might have looked like, and then they taught us how to win a sword fight.  We had lots of fun playing with the paper swords!  A huge thank you to the Red Ravens - we learnt heaps today!

31 May 2017

Black Day!

Rippa Rugby Tournament

It was a tough day out for our rippa rugby teams today, but it was still nice to be able to get outside and play some sport in the sun!

30 May 2017


Every Tuesday afternoon, Samuel, Hamish, Brooklyn, Shelby and Dylan visit Feilding High School to participate in their Robotics programme.  Each week, teams work to build robots to compete against other schools in challenges.  There is always something new to learn!

25 May 2017

'Fog Bow'

This morning a 'fog bow' formed in the sky above our school.  A fog bow (or white or ghost rainbow) is caused by small droplets of moisture in fog, together with bright sunshine. Jack and William found out all about fog bows and shared this information with the other students at our school (with the helpful photo holders, Jessie and Gussie). Unfortunately, there was no pot of gold at the end of the fog bow....

Buddy Class!

21 May 2017

Wheels Day Videos!

Mu Torere Competition

While we were visiting Taumata O Te Ra recently, we learnt to play a traditional Maori game called Mu Torere.  It's a game of strategy (though no one could work it out), concentration and luck.  Over the past week, we've had an elimination-style tournament in Room 6.  

The Semi-Finals:  Olivia vs Ben and Tommy vs Emma

The Final:  Tommy vs Ben

The Winner:  Tommy