22 September 2017

Dubsmashing Fun

CO2 Cars

As part of our Technology programme, all our Year 7 & 8 students have made CO2 Cars.  Today the last cars from the last group were finished.  They look awesome!  We put them on display for the rest of the school to see, and they think they're pretty cool too!

21 September 2017

Tech Update

Student Council Fun Day

What an awesome day we've had.  The wheeling was fun, as we all hooned around the school at 100 miles an hour.  Some people performed some pretty cool tricks.  Some people crashed.  Lots of people used the jumps.  We all had a great time!

The Student Council also did a fantastic job of cooking and preparing burgers for lunch.  They were delicious!

16 September 2017

Staff vs Students - Nukumball

After getting beaten by the A Netball Team recently, the staff were out for revenge!  Even though the students threw some mighty passes over the net, the staff were able to hold on for the win.  Yehaa!


13 September 2017

Maori Language Week

To celebrate Maori Language Week, some of us have been making wee animations that showcase our ability to have a simple conversation in Te Reo.  Some of our pronunciation is a little wobbly, but we gave it a good shot!

10 September 2017

Interhouse Nukumball

We had the finals of our Interhouse Nukumball Competition on Friday.  Rimu faced Matai in the play-off for 3rd and 4th, with Matai coming out on top.  Then Kauri faced Totara in the final.  It was great match, but Totara was just too strong for Kauri.  Congratulations Totara!

07 September 2017

The Great Potato Project

Today we joined forces with Rooms 7 and 8 for the Great Potato Project.  We have been partnered up with a younger buddy, and together we planted our potatoes and said some magic words to make sure our potatoes are going to grow really well!  There will be prizes for the biggest, heaviest and weirdest shaped potato.  And then we'll cook them and eat them!  Good luck everyone!

05 September 2017

Fun Day Coming Soon!

Today the students in Room 2 met with the Student Council.  They asked for their help to raise money for the SPCA.  The Student Council said they'd LOVE to help!  Stand by for an announcement soon!

04 September 2017


We are now well underway with gymnastics, our next focus in PE.  We have been divided up into groups, and rotate round six different activities during our 45 minute sessions.  We have all set goals around improving our skills and confidence in different areas, and we're going to work really hard to achieve them.  Here are some action shots from our lesson today:

Interhouse Nukumball

We launched our next interhouse competition today - NUKUMBALL!  Well done to Totara and Kauri, for winning their first games.

Hiwinui Sports Exchange - Drone Time!

Thanks for flying the drone and filming this William!

02 September 2017

Assembly Highlights

We were well entertained by both our Kapa Haka group and our top gymnasts in assembly last week.  Check it out!

31 August 2017

Hiwinui Sports Exchange

What another fantastic sports exchange we had yesterday!  We all enjoyed our games and for some of us, it was the last interschool event we'll play at Halcombe School.  Thank you very much to Mr Blanchard for the awesome photos!

30 August 2017

School Values Comic Strips

Today we created wee comic strips.  The task was to show one aspect of our school values!  This was a fun activity, and we think our comics have turned out really well.  Here are our school values: