03 April 2017

Six Word Stories

Some of the students in our class had a bash at writing Six Word Stories today.  The instructions for this are pretty simple - write a story in six words!  It's actually a bit harder than it sounds. Check out their cool writing:

“No!  It’s mine!”  “Give it BACK!”  (Jessie)
“Jeremy, help!  I’m going to fall off!”  (Hamish)
“I am the king of poop!”  (Joshua)
“Dinner’s ready, come and get it!”  (Shelby)
Intense battle between two bug friends.  (Mārie)
“Get your grubby mits off me!”  (Emma)
“No!  This is my waste sphere!”  (Cameron)
Two beetles fight to the death.  (Gussie)
“Hey, get your scruffy hands off!”  (Alyssa)

Hide and seek champion of 2017!  (Shelby)
When there is nowhere to hide…  (Brooklyn)
Ultimate player of hide and seek.  (Hannah)
“I bet you can’t find me!”  (Jack)
Hide and seek game gets extreme.  (Jessie)
“Quick!  Hide!  I’m afraid of cameras!”  (Hamish)
“Nobody will ever find me here…”  (Emma)
“I’ve got my eyes on you!”  (Alyssa)

“Come on, I can do this!”  (Gussie)
“Why am I a microscopic organism?”  (Cameron)
“Some help would have been nice!”  (Emma)
“This bubble is WAY too big!”  (Joshua)
“Luckily I’ve been working out lately.”  (Hamish)
“Hey guys, I got the water.”  (Brooklyn)
“If this pops, I’m a gonna!”  (Shelby)

“These glasses were worth the money.”  (Shelby)
“These glasses look awesome on me!”  (Jessie)
“Help!  I can’t see any more!”  (Brooklyn)
Stripy sunglasses are the new thing!  (Hannah)
“Wow… I have really big eyes.”  (Hamish)
“This is such a good movie!”  (Gussie)
“Excuse me!  I’m having lunch here!”  (Cameron)

“Your time is over Mr Ant!”  (Shelby)
“I am a ninja.  Fight me!”  (Brooklyn)
“I’m a black belt in judo.”  (Hannah)
Praying mantis is ready for battle.  (Jessie)
“Yeah!  I’m a kung fu expert!”  (Hamish)
“Kick. Punch. Repeat.  That’s my style!”  (Holly)
“I am the new Michael Jackson!”  (Joshua)
“Don’t move!  I’m ready to attack!”  (Alyssa)
“Beware!  I am trained in karate.”  (Emma)
“No one shall stop me now!”  (Cameron)

“Oh no, what has happened now?”  (Mārie)
“Now where did I put it?”  (Cameron)
“Come on little brain, wake up!”  (Emma)
“Where did these things come from?”  (Joshua)
“Guys…. what is going on here?”  (Gussie)
“Hey, is this how you salute?”  (Hamish)
Only 1000 more flowers to go.  (Jessie)
“My head is a little itchy.”  (Jack)
‘Where did I put my glasses?”  (Hannah)
“What did I have for dinner?”  (Shelby)

The Annual Grub Inverted Leaf Walk!  (Cameron)
“We are having a handstand competition!”  (Hannah)
“Look guys, a party over there!”  (Brooklyn)
“That’s it ladies, all together now!”  (Alyssa)
‘Come on guys, let’s get moving!”  (Emma)
“We should go to Insect Olympics!”  (Holly)
“This is a great dance routine!”  (Gussie)
When you’re trying to scare birds.  (Hamish)
Six caterpillars play ‘follow the leader.’  (Jessie)
“Is this how you do handstands?”  (Jack)

“I’m not that ugly am I?  (Shelby)
“I ran into a thistle bush!”  (Brooklyn)
“I like to move it, yeah!”  (Jack)
“This is my ‘extra surprised’ face!”  (Holly)
Staring contest!  3… 2… 1… Go!  (Cameron)
Bug gets caught in rosebush.  (Gussie)

Dance like you never have before!  (Shelby)
“Look at my great yoga pose!”  (Hannah)
“I am very good at the caterpillar.”  (Jack)
Squishy caterpillar is dancing on leaves.  (Jessie)
“I’m a U, what about you?”  (Hamish)
“I can bend all the way!”  (Gussie)
“What’s my butt doing up there?”  (Holly)
“I’m very good at handstands.  See?”  (Joshua)
“Come on everybody, do the worm!”  (Emma)
“Should I sign up for gymnastics?”  (Alyssa)
When an invertebrate does the worm… (Cameron)
Caterpiller attempts chinstand.  Breaks back instead.  (Marie)

“Yes, yes, I concur, but still…”  (Cameron)
“Hey man, what’s all the goss?”  (Alyssa)
“Oh my god, are you serious?!”  (Emma)
Bugs fighting over who lives longer.  (Joshua)
“What planet did we come from?”  (Holly)
“Wow, did she really say that?”  (Gussie)
“Psst.”  “What?”  “They’re taking a photo!”  (Jessie)
“Hey, does my breath smell bad?”  (Hannah)

This ant loves a bubble bath.  (Shelby)
“Never going to a water-fight again!”  (Brooklyn)
“I am feeling extra bubbly today.”  (Jade)
“Wahoo!  So many bubbles to pop!”  (Alyssa)
“I am now camouflaged in water.”  (Jack)
“Wow!  This rain is so wet!”  (Hamish)
First bug ever to get acne.  (Gussie)
“I got my wish.  Bath time!”  (Holly)


  1. Wow! These are really creative stories, Room 6!! Fantastic work.

  2. Your six word sentences are amazing Room 6!! They are really cool.

  3. Some really witty stories here boys and girls, well done!

  4. I laughed so much! Some very clever witticisms.

  5. Love it, they were fun to read!

  6. Wow, what you can do with 6 words! Clever!