06 June 2017

Basketball With Miles

We have started learning basketball as part of our Large Ball Skills unit in PE.  Miles from the Palmerston North Basketball Association will be teaching us lots of new skills and drills to help us improve our ball skills, and knowledge of basketball.  Our first session today was loads of fun!


  1. Basketball was so fun yesterday! And it was so funny to see how short I looked next to Miles.

  2. Yesterday was quite fun learning the basketball stance but I got very tired doing the stance for a while.

    1. Shot boys sounds like yous are having a tomeke time.

  3. The basket ball stance game was very fun but when we got out the wall of awesome wasn't so fun.

  4. Basketball with Miles was so fun!I learnt heaps about how to do the basketball stance.I can't wait till it is our turn to do Wednesday sport with him.

  5. This Tuesday we learnt how to dribble with Miles. He made it really fun to practice, because he gave us challenges while dribbling the ball.